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We redefined the approach to keeping a journal and came up with an innovative service. LogTime is an advanced online diary for self-analysis and keeping track of your goals and tasks. There is no need to hold all information in your head - there is a much simpler and effective way!

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We are in control of things we are aware of

The one who counts the money, controls the budget.

The one who counts the calories, controls the body.

By keeping track of your day, you are in control of your life.

Spare a few minutes
a day to analyze the things that
happened to you today to improve:


This simple exercise can significantly improve your memory. When we actively try to remember something, the parts of the brain that are responsible for this recall are activated and exercised. An excellent memory gives you a strong competitive advantage in school, career and business.


What matters is not only the number of things accomplished, but the accuracy of the tasks performed. There are people who work 4 hours a day and build large companies, while someone achieves the same results by dedicating 10 hours a day.


A lot of people use applications to plan their future activities: calendar, project and task managers, but they forget the most important practice - the analysis of the past. The capacity to process the events of the past is the strongest key to awareness. It helps you to gain a perspective on your life and make more balanced decisions.


The retrospective is a simple practice that lets you reach your goals faster.

What did you do for your goal the day before yesterday? What about last week? We often are unable to understand where and how fast we are going. Record daily events regularly to better understand priorities and focus on what matters the most.

You can specify the criteria for the achievement of the goal, as well as the deadline. You’ll see a progress bar that will let you see your ongoing progress. This enables you to get more involved in the achievement of the goal (gamification elements have been incorporated).

Notes and tasks

The service will help you to use this practice correctly, to visualise and structure information (categories, tags, photos, checklists)

It will suggest answers to your questions, send you useful content, and remind you to use your online diary to keep moving towards your goals.

The calendar view gives you a visual representation of your time. For your convenience, there is a telegram bot where you can add notes and tasks and receive useful content.








How to easily write a diary and set goals to achieve them?

What do renowned people suggest for increasing productivity and achieving the desired result?

Remember what have you been up to this week?

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